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Last answer by Gayle Crabtree 86 months ago +1 votes:
Originally asked by Rajaraman K 86 months ago in | 43 answers
Last answer by Gayle Crabtree 84 months ago +3 votes:
Have you been writing during this 2 year break? If so, I think you can legitimately say that you've been a self-employed freelance writer. If your potential employer asks for samples you can refer to your site on Factoidz, your blog or any other writing sites that you use.  I wouldn't worry too much if you don't have 2 years worth of writing to show online. If you've privately blogged or journaled then you've been perfecting your craft. The fact that you have been working should be enough to reassure a potential employer. Now, about revealing that you suffer from panic attacks...  My daughter has a health issue as do I. In the past, I've found it to be helpful not to mention this until after lading the job. My daughter has had the same experience. It's a lot harder to let you go after the paperwork is complete and you've begun a job than for a human services supervisor to find a reason not to hire you.  I worked with a woman once who found her panic attacks to decrease once she started working. Having a job that she liked and a generally positive environment to work in gave her a higher sense of self-confidence. We became close friends through work until I moved to another state. Although she said that she had medicine to take I never saw her use it or heard her mention it.  Hopefully you'll have the same terrific experience! I hope your job search goes well no matter what you decide to do. :-)
Originally asked by Ashley Toukabri 84 months ago in | 13 answers
Last answer by Gayle Crabtree 99 months ago +0 votes:
Originally asked by Member 99 months ago in | 7 answers
Last answer by Gayle Crabtree 22 months ago +0 votes:
Taking a less expensive flight connection may be tempting at first. But, there are risks associated with it and only you can decide if a cheaper airline ticket is worth the risk. Air travel goes smoothly most of the time and hopefully that will be your experience. Using two airlines may make it less likely for you to get helpful customer service assitance if something goes awry. One scenario where you may need help is in the case of a late or canceled flight. Any airline contracts to get you and your belongings from point "A" to point "B" safe, sound and on time. Airlines are not obligated to help you if you miss a flight or connection because of a delay you faced with another company. In turn, you are obligated to the terms of each ticket that you purchase with each airline. Less expensive tickets may have restrictions that prohibit you from making changes after booking. If you miss connections because of a flight delay from another company, then you may lose your ticket money and have to rebook at a higher price. Bags are normally transported from one connection to another for you when traveling with a single airline. You are on you own to deal with your bags when using two different companies. Make sure that there is ample time between connections to collect your luggage and make it to the connecting airline well in advance of your flight. If you don't have enough time, then you may have to decide between picking up a suitcase or missing a flight. Customer loyalty rewards may be another complication. Each airline has its own system for qualifying and retaining rewards. Booking with a second airline will likely take away from the points you would receive by using a single company. This is comparativly minor, but if you are trying to collect points for a certain goal, then it is worth consideration. Only you can decide if the cost savings is worth the risk. Researching all the options is the only way to determine if using two carriers is right for you.
Originally asked by M.J. Grueso 28 months ago in | 2 answers